Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

ECU and TCU Tuning/Remapping Disclaimer

Whilst we take the greatest of care when tuning/remapping your vehicle there is always risk involved there are some things which are out of our hands.

Before any tuning or remapping we will carry out a full fault code read and some basic health checks including live data (where possible) to make sure your engine is in good enough health for increased power and torque. Our checks are limited by issues such as:

  • Fault codes being deleted and not declared to us.
  • Missed timing belt and service intervals.
  • Poor maintenance including oil quality, spark plugs/coils, fuel system etc
  • Any other underlying issues we are not aware of
  • Fuel quality. Please make sure your vehicle has at least half a tank of fuel and that you are using the highest-octane fuel available. If using lower than 98 octane for a petrol engine, please advise us before any tuning or remapping is started.

Please include any information we should be aware of.

Please include any information we should be aware of. We accept absolutely no responsibility for any mechanical, electrical or any other failures during or after our tuning/remapping process, This work is carried out at your own risk.

Dyno/Tuning Waiver & Absolute Release

  1. As the “Customer” I hereby represent that I have read and completed the required procedures and checks and that I have full authority to authorise the testing /tuning of this vehicle and to enter into this Waiver/Release.
  2. I am aware that all tests are intended to be and will be at maximum performance and at wide-open throttle, thus applying stress similar to that which the vehicle should experience during operation on the road/track and is therefore susceptible to the same risks as on the road/track which may cause wear and tear or complete damage to, but not limited : engine, power train and /or tire/wheel failure or damage.
  3. I know and accept the risk of running my vehicle on the dynamometer, hereby known as the “dyno”.
  4. As the “customer” I hereby represent that I know the condition of the vehicle and I assure that it is in acceptable condition to run on the dyno. I agree to have my vehicle run on the dyno. I represent that all parts of the vehicle are in good condition and are capable of hull power and full throttle performance during any testing/tuning being performed.
  5. Therefore, I hereby release EuroTorque Performance from any liability of any nature for damage or other losses which may be sustained as a result of the testing/tuning on the dyno.
  6. EuroTorque Performance reserves the right to decline or discontinue dynamometer services for any reason at any time. By signing this waiver, the customer authorises EuroTorque Performance and its employees to operate the vehicle in the manner and to the limits stated above. By completing this waiver form, I agree to all conditions, risks, and self = liability of my vehicle and agree to EuroTorque Performance free from any liability and cause of action, which might arise from the use of my vehicle on said equipment.

Vehicle Warranties & Insurance

Before undertaking any tuning or modifications to your vehicle please check that it does not void any mechanical warranties or Insurance you may have. EuroTorque Performance takes no responsibility if any warranties or Insurance become void as a result of tuning or modifications.

Vehicle Emission Device’s

Removing or altering any emission device such as the EGR, DPF or Catalytic converter is illegal and only for off road use. EuroTorque Performance takes no responsibility for any legal or insurance issue’s you may face.


Please note that all deposits for tuning/remapping are non-refundable.

Payment Terms

Terms and Conditions of trade: All jobs are based on payment upon completion. All invoices are the responsibility of the vehicle owner unless otherwise authorised by insurance/warranty companies. Vehicles not collected and paid for within 14 days of completion will be put through a recovery process and may be sold to recover costs. Vehicles not collected within 48 hours of completion of EuroTorque Performance’s work will incur a storage fee of $10 per day. It is EuroTorque Performance’s understanding that all car’s delivered unaccompanied by the owner on a tow truck or other form of transport are delivered for diagnostic purposes, which will be carried out and the findings reported to the owner. These will be charged at an hourly rate plus consumables. All outstanding accounts will be sent to a debt recovery agency if not paid within 14 days of their due date.

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