European Car Servicing Adelaide

European Car Servicing & Performance Parts Fitting

At Eurotorque Performance, we specialise in European car servicing, suspension repairs and upgrades, and general mechanical repairs. However, we can service all makes and models manufactured after 2000. With a workshop located in Netley (only 15 minutes from the Adelaide CBD), we offer a personalised service and attention to detail that you won’t find at large workshops.

Car Servicing Adelaide

Located in Netley on Richmond Road, our fully equipped workshop is ready to service your vehicle.

  • Dealer Level Service without Dealer Prices
  • Open Monday to Friday
  • Fully Trained Technicians
European Car Servicing

Interim Car Service (A) / 12 months or 15,000Km’s (whichever comes first)

Interim Car Servicing Includes:

  • Oil, oil filter and sump plug replacement (we only use the highest grade of oil meeting the manufactures recommendations).
  • Visual inspection of engine bay and vehicle body.
  • Check and top up fluid levels as required
  • Check lights, wiper blades and seatbelts.
  • Check all drive belts, fuel system and pipe work, cooling system (including fan operation) and exhaust.
  • Wheel bearings, suspension (shock absorbers, springs, joints, mounts, and bushings), drive shafts and boots, brakes lines (flexible and fixed), brakes, tyres (damage, pressure and tread depth including spare).
  • Computer diagnostics check, reset service light and road test.

Prices from $299

Full Car Service (B) / 24 months or 30,000 Km’s (whichever comes first)

It includes everything we do in our Interim Car Servicing with the addition of:

  • Air filter, Spark Plugs (petrol vehicles), Fuel Filter (diesel vehicles).
  • Lubrication of all moving parts (doors, hinges, locks, catches and gear linkage).
  • Check quality of brake fluid and antifreeze, gear oil level, differential oil level (if possible).
  • Operation of all controls and switches, adjust handbrake (if possible).
  • Check air conditioning and pollen filter.

Prices from $550

Car Service Adelaide

There is no one size fits all when it comes to car servicing, but it’s recommended to follow manufacturer guidelines and even more regular on tuned or performance vehicles to allow you to have the least hassle-free motoring.

Some models will show on the dashboard which service it requires, otherwise its worth checking your service book for what the vehicle had last time. Services should alternate between an Interim and a Full Service each year or 15,000 km’s whichever comes first.

Modern vehicles also require periodically extra services such as timing belt changes, DSG oil changes (on automatic cars), Haldex oil & filter changes (on 4-wheel drive cars) on mileage-based intervals. Brake fluid changes are also required at various intervals in the vehicle’s lifetime depending on usage.

To ensure we keep your vehicle in top shape we use all approved parts and Liqui Moly oil, that meets all manufactures specifications.


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